Developments in 2014

Our company implements the next developments and service expansions, which from we send more information before its implementation:

  • Modification of data saving: data saving four times daily, follow-up on web interface.
  • Start up Developer server: software on the server and the options completely identical to the parameters of live server. So every development can test and try out before implementation.
  • Our webhosting services will be renewed.
  • We ensure version control access to every website and developer website.
  • We make available the memcache so the data can available fast.
  • We install and make available databases: Redis, mongoDB, CouchDB, Riak.
  • Expansion of sever park: new server in Asia and Western Europe, stronger hardware in Hungarian server centre.
  • Implementation GeoIP to webhosting services.
  • Different settings through Control Panel per webhost.