This is the brother site of Hungary4Fun. The Hungary4Events has less content and functionality.

This site is also a joomla; it gets from CMS to Drupal, because of its deficiency and series of security problems.

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We had to modernize and transform an existing website called Joomlas. The target audience of this site is the foreign youngsters, who would like to rest and have fun a few days in a great mood. In the entertainment and recreational opportunities can be found activities what an average citizen living at home did not even know that it exists.

The site operates as a half web-shop, the clients can make orders online, but they cannot pay through the site. The feedback is recorded on the page manually or after moderation.



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Dr Szabó Tibor Lawyer

Creating the webpage was planned in a way that if it should be similar to an opened book. We tried to use elegant and moderate colors so that they reflect the lawyer style.

Technically the biggest challenge was dividing the content in half so that half of them is placed on the one side of the book and the other half goes to the other side. This wasn’t challenging to recreate for browsers that support CSS3, but for older browsers (IE8, IE9) it was only possible with JavaScript.

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Dr. Szabó Tibor Kezdőoldal
Dr. Szabó Tibor Kapcsolat oldal


The website is Durpal-based supplemented with own theme and modules.

The execution of the project took 3 weeks: the most difficult task was the integration of Google maps.

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RemeteVet Állategészségügyi Rendelő

An already existing static page was transformed in a way that all its contents were place into a content management system and, furthermore, a Facebook Fun box was created.

Favourite pets and Information pages were restored so that visitors can upload their favourite pets and ads but these only appear on the site after confirmation.

As for design, flash in the header is replaced to a dinamic javascript based block, the site is widened, and the graphic menu is replaced with a text based menu.

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A világ te vagy – SPEKTRUM

A webpage that is interactive, easy to expand and modify content was created for Spektrum Kiadó. We choosed WordPress for the project as an appearance similar to a blog was enough to meet the requirements. Furthermore, it is now possible to order and apply for a photo contest.

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An old website was restored so that the owners themselves can modify and upload content on a web surface.

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Ajtó-ablak-kapu Spektrum

Online version of a regular publication of Spektrum Kiadó. A theme for WordPress was created, as well as required modules.

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Dr. Kósnai BETD Központ

A joomla page was transformed and put on a new content management system. Design minimally changed compared to the previous site, deficiencies and errors were corrected on the content management system, too.

As a novelty, subscription to and sending newsletters are now possible, and photos in the headers can be set on subpages.

The project took 3 weeks.

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ALUTA Egyesület

The aim of the project was to create a webpage with an eye-catching main site. For creating this we choosed a flash application. The inner pages contains information about the association, sending newsletter is available on the administration surface, and we also made it possible to upload news or items to the gallery.

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