RAW Theme

We had to transform a WP theme to Drupal CMS system. There is significant differences between the two system. The customer requested that the uploading and editing of the content be very similar to a WP. In this case the difficult task was the uploading of short codes and media materials, which are used in WP.

During the content management we tried to make the system foolproof. We relied on short codes and Drupal’s modules and other significant opportunities of Drupal. Unfortunately it was inevitable to install unique and contrib modules on the base system.

In this project we made two modules, we offer it to the community:

ITH jQuery updater: we made this module to replace the existing jQuery updater. It supports more versions, and the newer versions of jQuery are in. It downloads automatically the updates from jQuery’s site. There are two version, jQuery base and jQuery UI, which can be chosen separately.

ITH Responsive Helper: Primarily it was made to older browsers, which cannot support css media query. It can also use to newer browsers, because the resolution is made by JS, what is different from the expected size of CSS.

Work Completed: 
Release date: 
Friday, February 28, 2014
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