Main Page
Release Date: 2014, Feb 28.
URL: RAW Theme
Work Completed: Programming / Sitebuild

We had to transform a WP theme to Drupal CMS system. There is significant differences between the two system. The customer requested that the uploading and editing of the content be very similar to a WP.

Dr. Szabó Tibor Kezdőoldal
Release Date: 2014, Jan 14.
Work Completed: Programming / Sitebuild / Webdesign / Webhosting

Creating the webpage was planned in a way that if it should be similar to an opened book. We tried to use elegant and moderate colors so that they reflect the lawyer style.

Ryansharkey Main page
Release Date: 2013, Oct 21.
Work Completed: Programming / Sitebuild

This site seems simple, but it hides Drupal techniques, which normally does not appear to the experts. The most difficult task was making the list and scroll on News home page. It contains a different number of elements than the other pages.

Release Date: 2013, Jul 25.
Work Completed: Programming / Sitebuild

With the increasing number of National Tobacco Shops it became neccessary to create a portal that contains essential information about new tobacco shops.

Release Date: 2013, Jul 01.
Work Completed: Programming / Sitebuild

This site was made in cooperation with an American company; in this work our company was involved in marginally, but we undertook an important role. The About and the Careers and their subpages are fruit of our work.

Release Date: 2013, May 26.
Work Completed: Programming / Sitebuild / Webhosting

This is the brother site of Hungary4Fun. The Hungary4Events has less content and functionality.

This site is also a joomla; it gets from CMS to Drupal, because of its deficiency and series of security problems.