RAW Theme

We had to transform a WP theme to Drupal CMS system. There is significant differences between the two system. The customer requested that the uploading and editing of the content be very similar to a WP. In this case the difficult task was the uploading of short codes and media materials, which are used in WP.

During the content management we tried to make the system foolproof. We relied on short codes and Drupal’s modules and other significant opportunities of Drupal. Unfortunately it was inevitable to install unique and contrib modules on the base system.

Website Screenshots: 
Main Page
Portfolio Landing
Blog Landing


This site seems simple, but it hides Drupal techniques, which normally does not appear to the experts. The most difficult task was making the list and scroll on News home page. It contains a different number of elements than the other pages. During the preparation of this site we made an interesting blog about the experiences, because we did not find solutions on the Internet after more hours searching.

We made the site with existing graphic design.

Website Screenshots: 
Ryansharkey Main page
Ryansharkey News and Alerts page

Dr Szabó Tibor Lawyer

Creating the webpage was planned in a way that if it should be similar to an opened book. We tried to use elegant and moderate colors so that they reflect the lawyer style.

Technically the biggest challenge was dividing the content in half so that half of them is placed on the one side of the book and the other half goes to the other side. This wasn’t challenging to recreate for browsers that support CSS3, but for older browsers (IE8, IE9) it was only possible with JavaScript.

Website Screenshots: 
Dr. Szabó Tibor Kezdőoldal
Dr. Szabó Tibor Kapcsolat oldal